A modern love story rooted in Greek Mythology. The musical in two acts, takes place against the backdrop of social and political turmoil of the historic “Argentina’s Dirty War" (1976-1984), during which 30,000 civilians were tortured, executed or simply disappeared and remembered as “Los Desaparecidos”. The reimagined passionate love story of Romeo and Isabella encounter death and various adversaries on physical, spiritual and psychological levels, finally reuniting in a spiritual world. Good triumphs over evil, life wins over death, the government returns to a new state of normalcy, absent corruption, with new religious, social and political order in Argentina. The stage spectacle features a cast of exceptional Argentine tango dancers propelled by newly recorded double CD disc “ Quilombo! by Sergei Tumas - a rearranged contemporary compositions of "The New Tango” music of legendary Astor Piazzolla (1921- 1992).


Tango Nuevo Cabaret: The Dreams



Sergei Tumas Dr. Neville Headley
Executive Producer Executive Producer

The Quilombo! album is available today on iTunes and is officially released.


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